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We offers a comprehensive service for corporate and individual clients covering the full range of visa applications to enter or remain in the UK including visas and all Points Based System applications, formerly known as Work Permits.

Stepstones Visas is a private immigration specialist firm committed solely to the needs of our clients in the UK and internationally. Stepstones Visas is regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commission as a specialist level provider of immigration advice, representation and advocacy at appeals.


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Short-term or long-term residence permits for individuals and families

Immigration to the Netherlands for private purposes is strictly regulated. One may apply for a long-term residence permit or the short-term residence permit, either one has its own particular procedures.

To obtain either the long-term residence permit or the short-term residence permit, the applicant needs to start the application procedure whilst he or she is still in his or her own country of origin.

Short-term residence permits or Schengen visa

For a short-term residence – e.g. for the purpose of visiting relatives or vacation – the applicant can apply for a (Schengen-) visa at the Dutch embassy or consulate in his or her own country. A visa allows its holder to stay for a period of maximum 3 months.

Immigration to the Netherlands: Long-term residence permits

For a long-term residence in the Netherlands – a Dutch residence permit –specific purpose of stay is required.

To change the purpose of stay or to extend your residence permit, you will need to submit a new application. During this application, the applicant does not need to return to his or her own country of origin.


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Poland has a growing and stable market economy and attracts foreign investments from most of the countries. It has one of the largest banking sectors and has a handful of private farms in its agricultural sector.


 PROGRESS has helped clients get visas for countries worldwide. We offer service for both business and personal needs. Poland immigration experts in PROGRESS will help in visa application, documentation and other visa related procedures.


 We will provide A-Z solution to get a THREE YEAR residence permit in Poland. If you feel that you have a good job / business / bank balance in UAE, please contact us for an appointment and we shall explain the complete program and its costs


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The immigration policy of Lithuania provides special immigration options available to third-country (non-EU) citizens seeking temporary or permanent residence. Country is looking to attract new investors from across the world by offering them various benefits and incentives. 

Lithuania Government is keen on encouraging foreign investment and spur business activity. However, the Government has imposed new stricter laws in place to deter 'immigration fraud' and ensure that the program is not being exploited by foreigners who have no commitment towards the Lithuanian economy but just want a Schengen access. 

However, in order to avoid abuse of the system, Government has recently changed laws and require foreigners to show a genuine commitment to contribute to Lithuanian economy

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